We were going to call these rules, but they aren’t rules any more than cover your mouth when you cough is a rule. These are just basic points of etiquette for being a positive member of this little society we call CrossFit.

Be on time – do we really need to explain why this is important? It’s disrespectful of everyone’s time to show up late and if you do, please get ready and jump in with the group as fast and with as little disruption as possible.

Don’t drop the empty bars – barbells with rubber bumper plates are designed to be dropped. Empty barbells are not, especially the lighter ones. This also applies to metal dumbbells, iron plates, and the kettlebells. Please be respectful of the equipment.

Control your bounces – bumper plates bounce and usually sideways, especially the 10s and 15s. Never, ever drop a bar and walk away. We would hate to see your bar smash the shins of your fellow athlete beside you. Keep your hands in contact with the bar as you drop and control where it goes.

Have a plan – the WOD is posted every morning at midnight. Please check out what awaits you and have a plan ready when you come into the gym. We should never hear “I don’t have the right shirt/shoes/bra/etc” for this!” If you need to scale something or a movement isn’t going to happen on a particular day, just let the coach know when you come in. We’re happy to make modifications.

Set up, tidy up – Know your weights and scaling and help us set up the equipment you’ll need for the WOD. When you’re done, you can breathe again, and when you’ve peeled yourself off the floor please unload and rack your bars, return kettlebells to approriate location, hang up your jump ropes, etc. Sweep/wipe the chalk off the floor! We appreciate the help — a tidy gym is a happy gym.

Take your DNA with you – Make sure to wipe your sweat angels off the floor, equipment, benches, or chairs. The same goes for blood, chunks of skin, tears, spit, and vomit. I know CrossFit is a bonding experience, but we’re not that close and nobody wants to be!

Be nice, be supportive – always be ready to offer a kind or encouraging word to your fellow athletes. If you finish first, stick around when possible to cheer for the rest of the group. Be ready for high fives when it’s all done. If you notice an issue with another person’s form, range of motion, or cheating, never address the person directly. Discuss it with the coach and let them handle it.

Check your ego at the door – Everybody sucks at something, so be prepared to handle it like an adult when we find your thing. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! It’s ok to have an off day too, and trying to push the weight or speed when you can’t handle it is a recipe for injury. Don’t come in with a laundry list of excuses, just accept the reality of the day and move on. Grunting, swearing, and screaming are all accepted practices inside our walls but please no tantrums, fits, or pouting. I saw a CrossFit shirt once that said “You can cry, just don’t be a baby”.