Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gymnastics WOD

Are you interested in improving your gymnastics based strengths/skills but not sure where to start?  http://gymnasticswod.com/ is a great free resource that provides training suggestions on improving muscle ups, handstand push ups, dips etc.

Gymnastics WOD is a daily workout based on gymnastics strength & conditioning and gymnastics skill development.
We believe that all performanced based fitness and athletic programs should have a strong foundation in gymnastics. Gymnastics demand athletes to be highly technical, and by training with the proper mechanics in gymnastics athletes are able to work at peak performance for longer periods of time.
Gymnastics WOD is an excellent assistance program to building and maintaining healthy, powerful athletes of any level, sport or discipline.  We believe that the skill transfer from gymnastics to running, weightlifting, and all sports is key to an athlete's success, and Gymnastics WOD is here to help you train, learn, and apply this knowledge.

Take a look at the workouts that are posted daily and go for it!  If you are not familiar with the rep scheme or movement, visit the rep scheme descriptions and exercise library review the instructional videos and guide lines.

There is also a link to the Gymnastics WOD site from the link page.

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