Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos from the CrossFit Level I Certification hosted by King CrossFit/Renton FD

King CrossFit hosted (for the second time) a CrossFit Level I Certification. It was held at Station 14 of the Renton Fire Department (thanks Lt. Tim- fellow King CF'er and Level I coach). The crew of instructors were some of the best CF HQ has to offer. The weekend was filled with valuable information, sweat spots, and a couple sore muscles. The CF Level I Cert is the first step to helping you as a King CrossFit member reach Virtuosity (performing the common, uncommonly well).
King CrossFit is proud to say we have 11 Level I Trainers to help you reach your goals... and Virtuosity. Glen, Ron, and Arvin kicked it off... Nick jumped on board... Karlie, VIP, Duy, and Ryan joined in the fun... and the newest additions who can call themselves a King CrossFit Trainer- Jen, Tiff, and DThai. Next time you see them at the box, congratulate them... then grill them for everything they know about whatever you're currently working on ;) Strong work! Let's let everyone know who's KING!

Here are a couple links to pictures that Ryan took of the weekend's CrossFit action...

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