Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kettlebell/Mobility/Plyometric WOD

Hey KCF'ers,

Looking for something new to throw in the hopper?
Nagging tightness in your body?
Working on any of the 10 skills?
Want to get your workout in on a Sunday?

Check this out...

I know many of you have either been interested or have been playing with different Kettlebell movements or checking out KStar's Mobility WOD. So, by popular demand, there will be a couple classes a month focusing on just these movements. They will be offered on weekends, some Saturdays and some Sundays but time has yet TBD at this point. Because of the need for specific equipment, this class has limited space (only up to 8 per class). Stay tuned to the website/signup sheet at the box for the first class. There will be a drop-in fee of $5 to King CrossFit members (normal drop-in rates for non-members). This class is geared to the novice through fire-breathers, as all other crossfit workouts this will be scaleable.

Average class will look like-
Active stretch
Plyometric WOD
Skill work
Kettlebell WOD
Mobility WOD

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