Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Motivation

Why I CrossFit

Author: Quinn Peyser
Story Type: Heart Warming
Home Gym: Crossfit Fort Meade
Quinn Peyser of CrossFit Fort Meade
Mid-workout, I often ask myself, “Jeezus, what am I doing here?” The answer usually is muffled by someone telling me to stop stalling and get moving because “that squat ain’t gonna do itself!” Like I need THAT reminder. I’ve been at this fairly seriously for about 6 months. I walk away everyday looking like, at worst, I lost a fight to a semi, or at best, an angry scrappy dog.
So, seriously after all that, why AM I here? Why do I come in here 5 days a week and CrossFit?
I CrossFit because after 15 years of intense involvement in organized sports, I’ve never found something that makes me question my physical and mental capacity and ability, or helped me prove to myself I CAN do it. CrossFit has helped me get stronger. I don’t mean pull-ups or deadlifts or double-unders. I mean in my head, I’m stronger. Someone telling me to keep squatting isn’t what keeps me going. For the first time in my life I know I can.
That’s why I CrossFit – because in such a short time (in relation to how long I’ve been an athlete), I learned there’s very little my body won’t do – and it’s an amazing feeling. Every single day, I surprise myself. I lift more, pull harder, and go faster – because I CAN – because CrossFit taught me how.
It’s a lot of work, and sometimes, when I walk away looking like I’ve just been stigmata’d thinking I can’t do it anymore, I catch my breath, and recall the last 14 minutes and 12 seconds and realized I finished, Rx (thankyouverymuch), so I CAN do it.
I’ve never EVER met a CrossFitter who doesn’t have a reason to go in everyday and work themselves so hard – and it’s very rarely because “I want a hot body”. There is more to this – it’s a game I play with myself to be better than the day before. To be ready for anything anyone throws at me and be prepared for it – in my head and my heart. Maybe my muscles help me through “Barbara”, but it’s my head and my heart that tell me to keep going.
Don’t get me wrong, my body looks better, I feel better, I sleep better – all very awesome reasons to do this, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s just icing on the cake that I shouldn’t be eating because it’s SO not Zone.
Of course, this is just little ol’ me, so ask yourself, why do YOU CrossFit? If you haven’t started – ask yourself why not? You’ve got nothing to lose and an amazing life to gain.

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