Thursday, March 18, 2010


Warm Up
OPEN GYM for 20 minutes
Use this time practice anything you need to work on, or try something new.
Ever climbed the rope before? Ask one of the coaches for instruction and CLIMB!
Sledge hammer on the tire, do it!
OR- You could always use this time to practice your pull ups, double unders, med ball cleans, hand stand push ups, muscle ups, the list goes on and on.

The WOD will begin 25 minutes after the start of class time. HAVE FUN!!!

Teams of 2:
4 rounds of:
20 med ball hand off (from side to side)
20 med ball hand off (top to bottom)
30 wall ball shots (15 each team member)
400m run (both team members must run, take turns carrying med ball)

- for med ball hand off, each partner stand back to back, passing side to side and top to bottom
- for wall balls, only one person working at a time, each person must do 15 each
- med balls MUST NEVER hit the ground. penalty will be 5 burpees for both team mates. as soon as the med ball hits the ground, burpees must be completed before they can proceed with the movement. ie. if the med ball is dropped outside during the run, sorry, do the burpees outside!
- trying to get the other team to drop their med ball is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!
- for the run, make sure the person carrying the ball leaving the gym is NOT the same person carrying it when coming in.

Go slooowww on the med ball hand off, make sure your team mate has complete control of the med ball before releasing it. Other wise, your team will get really good at burpees!

OK 3, 2, 1 GO!

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