Monday, March 29, 2010

Deadlift Results

Ron P with a new PR of 429lbs
Anthony Barney with a new PR of 415lbs
Sherriden with a new PR of 405lbs
Brant with a new PR of 385lbs
Tiffany with a new PR of 250lbs
Mike Owens pulled 405lbs
Duy pulled 365lbs. Not quite a PR, but inching closer to 3x his bodyweight!
Allen pulled a hamstring & Glen pulled a groin. And what the heck happened to Damian!
I know we had some more PR's (Roze, Melyssa, Uncle Pete, Joe A. & Jess...). If so, please post in the comments section below.

BTW, forgot to mention. Mark K didn't PR on his deadlift but did want to mention that he killed "Annie" with a time of 5:53 with a 20lbs weight vest and five minutes later he did 155 consecutive double-unders. Wow!


  1. I didn't know you guys had a 400 club.. If that was the case, I wouldve pulled 405 out the bag! Hehehe J/K

  2. Made it to 265 but that's not my PR. However it is the best I have done so far since being at the box. :-)

  3. Jed Tan New PR of 325 lb

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  5. 135x5 warmup
    315x1 PR from 3/17
    335 fail
    335 fail

  6. Ron is a monster! Congrats to Allen and Glen on pulling each others hamstring and groin.

  7. And I got to witness it!!! Thanks guys for your excellent coaching and helping me with my deadlift! Loved doing a WOD at King! You guys are fabulous. Thanks so much for the t-shirt. I will wear it tomorrow in the nice warm sunshine! It's 85º here today!

  8. New PR @ 365#
    Failed @ 385#

    Thanks Coach Glen for masaging my hams!

  9. i think it's time for mark k to use the climbing rope for double unders...just sayin'.