Friday, September 18, 2009

09/18/09 Friday


- 800 Run

- 25 push ups

- 25 sit ups


Workout: "Vegas" (courtesy of Diablo CrossFit)

- 7 squat cleans (135lbs men, 85lbs women)

- 7 burpees

- 7 overhead lunge steps with bumper plate (45lbs men, 25lbs women)

As many rounds as possible in 21 minutes.

Beginners should stay extremely light on the squat cleans and work on form. Use a medicine ball or empty bar if you have to.

To CHALK or NOT TO CHALK, that is the question.? And ALLEN hates to mop, so read up!

Protect your hands by using chalk correctly (see below) and/or use adhesive sports tape. Ripped hands are completely preventable. Don't let them derail your training.

"A little bit of chalk goes a long way, and there is a proper way to use it. Chalking your entire hand, from the wrist to the fingertips, is not it. Have you ever gripped anything with the heel of your hand? If so, you’ve overcome the nuisance of the opposable thumb.

The only part of your hand that requires chalk is the part that contacts the bar. This area starts just below the base of the fingers and continues up to the third knuckle. Take a block of chalk, put it on your calluses, swipe upward until you hit your fingertips, and stop. Put the block of chalk down. Now, take your non-chalked hand, rub it against the chalked one, and go about your workout."

From Jon Gilson at Again Faster.

No one in the gym is KG of the Boston Celtics, or LeBron himself of the CAVS. No need to make star dust and spread chalk all over the floor.

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