Wednesday, May 20, 2009

05/20/09 WOD

The Bo Derek "10"

This is everyhing including the kitchen sink. This is to prepare for the beach, summer time is right around the corner. The idea is to do 10 movements, alternating between the upper body and lower body. 10 reps for each movement for 10 rounds for time (100 of everything). This is a tough one, so scale as needed and make sure to check your ego at the door!

-10 pull ups
-10 lunges
-10 push up
-10 box jumps (20")
-10 push press (bar @ 45lb)
-10 air squats
-10 KB Swings
-10 thrusters (bar @45lb)
-10 sit ups
-10 burpees

Ready 3,2,1......GO!

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